November 10th

This week was indeed a very fun one! We had a blast every day of the week!

First of all, i will start with a quick story. We went to visit this family that hasnt been to church in forever. Well, they were not home, so we decided to knock on the door directly across the way, because, well heck, we are missionaries and we knock on doors for a living. well, this lovely dominican (my favorite) woman answered the door, and let me tell you- she had a heart of gold. She was so nice and sweet, and she let us right in.
We sat down with what appeared to be her boyfriend and her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend and we a marvelous time together! We shared with them the unique truths restored to the earth by joseph smith,- about our relationship with God, about the purpose of life, about the book of mormon, and eventually about authority and baptism. And when we finished our wonderful lesson, we invited them to come to church, learn more, and if they know this is true, be baptized into our church on November 30th! And here is why i bring up this story….
Why dont people think we are totally mad when we walk into their home for the very first time, and ask them to get baptized?! I mean, maybe they do think that we are totally bonkers, and thats why they kick us right out, but if they dont, then i dont understand why they dont understand the significance of our message! haha maybe that sounds a little bit odd, but i really dont understand why other people dont understand. there is so much to our message, but there has GOT to be something to this whole thing if i just threw out 2 years of my life and then, the very first chance i get, im asking you to get in the water and let me dunk you. call me crazy, but cmon! can anyone enlighten me?!
Well, We were going to go back  to their home on saturday and read the Book of Mormon with them, when i sustained a couple injuries moving a big ole wood splitter, so ive been taking it easy the past couple of days. fear not, i am doing very well! all better.
There were so many other great things that happened this week. We have had lots of splendid lessons, and raked way too many leaves for our own good. gotta love these new england leaves!
We also had one of our guatemalan investigators cancel our lesson- but he made us a deal. he asked us instead to come to a little ‘business’ party he was having that night at 8, and we could talk to everyone there. well, we went, got to know everyone there, and shared the first lesson again with a bunch of good hearted hispanics. I love these people, and by golly i wish i could speak spanish!
Im doing mighty well, and i second kristinas invitation to think about those who have loved us- she is so right! they have the most wonderful affect on us! Hopefully we can all love others to a greater degree this week and be that great influence in others lives.
hope you all have a great week!
Elder Fauver
see, im doing great! go boston!
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