October 27th

Hey foooooooollllsssss

This week was a good one! We have a general authority coming to our mission in 3 days, and apparently he is going rip into us… we will see how that goes. Larry R. Lawrence. Ill make sure to inform you how that one plays out.
Elder Jerron Batts got transferred home this week, and its crazy how much i actually miss that guy. He is off to Idaho, and I must say, as he was departing, i felt so much gratitude for how much he taught me, and the amazing example he set. i Look up to him a lot and i love him. I cant believe how good of friends we became, and how many nights we stayed up late talking as we laid in bed. I am so grateful for the 3 months that i had to spend with him.
My new companion is Elder Tyler Smith. He is a riot. He is also an incredibly hard worker. We have had SO MUCH fun our first 5 days together. We have been working SOOOO hard, and have been totally exhausted because of it, so its actually really helpful that we have Preparation day right now, because we are BEAT!
We are working with a lot of semi active young guys, and trying to help them get prepared to go on missions, and go to the temple, and prepare for their lives, and its a joy to see them prepare for these mile stones in their lives. We are working with this guy named Geberson Dutra, who is ridiculously good at every instrument you can think of. We are trying to get him on a mini mission next weekend, and we are so pumped for that. We are also helping this guy named Jonathan Perez go on a mini mission this weekend, and also another guy named Danny Orrosco. I love helping other people achieve their goals and make the progress they want to make, and the Lord wants them to make!
We are still trying to find people to teach, and havent had the best of luck, but the Lord is slowly putting great things in our path. Like yesterday- we were just biking along, and this girl playing basketball in the park we are biking past,who hasnt been to church in years, hollers at us and so we peel around and get talking to her and her friend. We play some basketball for the heck of it with them, and then sit down and shared the message of the restoration with the 2 of them and their was a beautiful spirit felt there!
On another teaching note, we were teaching this guatemalean guy named Juan Marcos, with the spanish sisters, (we are in the process of passing him off to them) and Elder Smith, near the end of the lesson, lets Juan know that He doesnt need to read the whole Book of Mormon to know that what we are teaching is true, and its something he should dive into. He says “you only have to eat one bite of a cake to know that whole thing is good.” and it just clicked with juan. It was special to see the lights go on in his head, and it all made us laugh.
The week was good! we are teaching more, and there are so many people right on the cusp of being taught and meeting with us, and im excited for the next 6 weeks. i really like elder smith a lot, and i have the hang of things. we are SO BUSY. its wonderful.
Elder Fauver
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