Hello Family and Friends,

This week was another truly great one! sorry, but this letter will be a tad shorter than the rest! Lets go right into story time!
The other Day we were at a mans house who hasn’t been to church in a long time. We were talking with him, and were about to read the Book of Mormon! Well, we called over his 17 year old sister to come and join us, and she amiably agreed. We offered to share a message about the Prophet Joseph Smith and many of the truths we share, and she promptly declined. Well, we said that’s fine and dandy, but please join us as we read with your brother.
We popped open the good ole book of Mormon to Alma Chapter 32, about how to plant and cultivate faith, and discover truth.
We broke everything down real simple, every 2 to 3 verses, and further into the discussion her eyes became more open and open with each passing word! At the end of the chapter, I felt prompted to ask her how she felt! She said she really couldn’t describe what it was- she said how weird, yet good, it felt. We testified that THAT was the spirit of God telling her that this is something good, and true!
She agreed that those must be feelings to follow. She said she really wants to learn more! In fact, she asked for another book of Mormon, to share with a friend of hers that she believes would really benefit from reading that chapter.
The next time we went over there, she told us how she wants to follow Jesus Christ on Be baptized! We are currently preparing her to be baptized onOctober 12th! That will be an awesome experience, and I look forward to all the progress that will be involved from here on out. I know that she is making the right decision and will be blessed so much for her faithfulness and desire to follow God!
I love how the spirit of God can touch our hearts, and help us be better people, guide us in wisdom’s paths, and give us the strength to do what is right. I love how it can soften our hearts, and teach us what is true!
i love the gospel, and i love the book of Mormon! I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and pray that we can all follow him better this week! Keep Clarissa, who is being baptized on Oct. 12th, in your prayers!
Elder Fauver
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