Week of August 25

This week was the best week I have had in Nashua. It certainly was a blast.

Highlights of the week- We have begun teaching a certain “Marcos Juan” or “Juan Marcos”- i cant tell because the first time we met him, he said his name was marcos. We came back and he said his name was Juan. then He gave us his business card and it just says JuanMarcos. haha I dont know.

We Did exchanges with the guys from Lowell on tuesday, and I got to be with a greenie- Elder Pereira. It was such an awesome experience. He is an amazing person. he is half portugues and half indian. He joined the church when he was 14, with his whole family, just in Pasadena! 4 years later and a semester into UC Berkely, he left on his mission! He is actually just awaiting his citizenship to enter India on his mission, so we will have him for 3 months! Aint that cool?! I didnt even know we had missionaries in India! So cool! We worked super hard that day, and Heavenly Father gave us some awesome blessings. We found a whole less active family who lives right down the hall from us, and we found 2 more spanish investigators and had the blessing to teach them about the restoration!

Saturday, we walked out of the house, and in the first 20 minutes, we had gotten phone numbers from 5 people, witnessed a robbery (a guy totally got his laptop swiped, to which we started chasing after the culprit in a rather abortive manner- cmon, we are in dress shoes and slacks- either way, it was fun chasing after a robber) and had a whole family totally pumped to come to church (because they wouldnt have to deal with their kids for hours 2 and 3 of church- haha).

ANYWAYS! Got my haircut by a dominican this morning and i think it looks great! On my way to a beautiful spanish vocabulary- with an emphasis on how to say “im broke” and a multitude of ways to say “whats up”.

Things are picking up in Nashua, and I THINK i have got my bearings on life here. our days are packed this week, and I am excited for all our incipient opportunities . Lately, I have been so focused on finding people to teach, that i have lost a little bit of the ministering role we are supposed to play. Rather than focusing so fastidiously upon teaching, I decided to just HELP the people the Lord has put in my path, and serve them in any way I can. As i take this new approach, I am filled with so much more love for everyone around me, and I find that those i interact with respond differently and with more open hearts. I have learned so much on my mission!

The book of Mormon is the best book in the whole world!

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

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