October 21st

This week, as always, was a good week. not just a good week, a great week! every week is great. there is so much work to be done, and when there is work to be done, I am happy! Elder Rogers and I are having a blast, and no matter what hits us, we keep running!

Highlights from this week. Maraline Phipps-Kettlewells baptism went great! she is seriously such a character. i love her so much. i dont really know how to describe her- she is so funny, SO smart, and so loving. Her Baptismal service was incredible as well! Adam Russel, a professional opera singer sang at her baptism, and her concert pianist husband played 3 pieces by J.S. Bach that described the journey of her life. It sure feels like I am in New England- surrounded by the intellectual geniuses I was promised!

Church with Jakai and Jaiden was wondeful- as well as the Hoffmans. We walked to J+J’s (for short) and walked them to church sunday morning, because they live real close. We set a baptismal date for them a few weeks ago, i dont know if i mentioned that previosuly. they are scheduled for the 9th of November! its gonna be sweet. anyways, at church, they were being soooo funny. ill share two quick stories about them just in sacrament meeting.

Jakai, the older one who is 10, keeps begging me to take him out and get him water, but i told him that he has to sit through all of sacrament. So when the water is coming around, he takes one, looks at the water, looks at me, and like a dying child, whispers “this is the ONLY water i have.” then ,holding the water like its the last on earth, dips the tip of his tongue into it. hahaha. this made me bust up laughing- which i probably shouldnt have done. but i couldnt help. then after dipping his tongue in it a few times, is about to drink it. But, Jaiden, being the good little brother he is, leans over, and smacks the water out of his hands before he could drink it. what a crack up.

Later in sacrament meeting, Jakai and i are playing gospel hangman. Jakai plays the word “finding nemo”.and i tell him that that is not a gospel word, to which he responds “yea it is! how do you know nemo didnt get baptized?” i replied- He is a FISH! he doesnt need to get baptized!- jakai proceeds to tell me that i am not a fish and dont know that. this was one funny sacrament meeting.

That church was more than just funny. the H** family came, and S**, the Father, one of our new investigators, really enjoyed church, and is going to have us over this week for dinner and to talk about the bible and the book of mormon. His wife, C**, LOVES the church and wants to join, but sean is very hesistant. at church, he opened up a ton and things are going very good with them now! so i am excited for that!

More than just this is going on! there are so many people that are searching for light and truth in new england! things are going really swell with more than just these people. Being a missionary is so wonderful. I could not imagine doing anything else more fulfilling with my life. it is SO GREAT!!!!

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