October 7th

Ill start off with the big news! its transfer week and elder Bradley is being sent off to Norwich Connecticut! He spent 12 weeks training me, and although it started off rough, I really must say- these last 3 or 4 weeks with him have been awesome. I dont know what happened, but when you just try to love, serve, and work together with someone, and pray for the Lord’s help, it really comes together. I dont know what changed, and i dont even know if i really let you all know, but These past few weeks, Elder Bradley and I have been BEST friends! He is seriously an amazing missionary. I love the guy with all my heart. I really am bummed to see him go. My new companion is Elder Rogers- and i know absolutely nothing about him, except that he is coming from Norwich! So They are swapping spots. kinda cool.

Thats the latest news so far. Other big news is that Ann Marie Flannegan Delano was Baptized at 3pm inbetween sessions of conference! that was SUH-WEET! (haha) It was a great day! not to mention, Elder Bradley forgot to fill up the font when we were supposed to! so at 2:05, Our ward mission leader double checked that we had filled it up, and we immediately bolted down the hall to go begin it, precisely and hour and a half late! We got another hose going from a 2nd source, and due to much praying, a miracle, and brother lazenby giving a 15 minute talk on baptism (ha!) the font filled up in time. One of the joys of being a missionary! I seriously love stressful situations like that. They are so funny. thinking about it now, i cant help but get a huge grin on my face. Close calls like that are just… i dont know how to describe it. I know ill look back on that in many years and get a good laugh! a little stress is always good.

C*** T*** was scheduled to be baptized tonight, but there have been a few hiccups, and it was cancelled. I cant say all that happened, but mainly its because she doesnt think she should have to answer the baptismal questions. I have faith that will be solved soon, and thinks will all go well there. I hope and pray that its resolved soon though!

Other things that happened this week… the ward is doing splendid, and we actually got to teach a few more people this week, in some members homes, that were all really great experiences. The Lord is really bringing people into our path. We have met so many people recently that are letting us into their lives. And as they are, they are finding much joy and happiness. And just knowing them is bringing me so much joy and happiness as well!

ill share one example. The B***. We just met the B*** family last night. they are beautiful family with 2 children. they are from Uganda, but have been living in the states for many years. People from Uganda are very nice people though- they are soft spoken, very kind and welcoming, loving, and receptive to the spirit. She is a member, but not active. We visited them last night, and they want to be in the upcoming primary program! Meeting them warmed my heart, and filled me with love! they are such an awesome family, and wish to be closer to our Father in Heaven, and Im so happy that i get to let them know that doing these things, and living this way will truly bring them closer to our Father in Heaven. Im so excited to help them on their spiritual journey, no matter how small or large my impact can or will be!

This is just one of the awesome things i get to do every day! I am so blessed and so happy to be doing the work of God. This is his work! I know that our savior lives and loves us, and that he is reaching out to help us. This is the way.

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