September 9th – Teddy’s Birthday

Teddy’s update, minor edits and names removed.

So i guess you heard that dad came and saw me!! haha. that was an experience!! pretty cool and funny. it was really nice to see him. probably most the surreal experience of my life. even more so than skydiving! but it was a good experience. and getting presents and cookies and bread is AWESOME!!! those are literally the best cookies i have ever had. holy smokes. the best. the milk chocolatey goodness in every bite is unbeatable.

This past week has been good, but still a little slower teaching. But we have had a few really really awesome finding opportunities that are leading to some really golden potential investigators. First is T___L__, J__ and J___’s aunt who is 23. she is coming to church this sunday, and she read a blog post that i made for the digital mission, and I’m following up with her on that one this week. i will tell you guys about the digital mission later.

The second is K__, the neighbor of  D__, that we give service to for about an hour a week.   We met k__ last week, and had a really nice conversation with her about who we are and her family.  K__ is awesome, and i plan to give her my blog, have her edit it, and then invite her to take the lessons. i really think that things will go well with her this week.

The third finding opportunity was the B___ family. a part member family, where the member(wife) has been totally inactive since she was 12,  and the husband is not a member. they are about 34 years old, have 2 kids, and he thinks that going to church will help their marriage and family. they are super prepared to hear the gospel!!! i am so excited for them. we have met with them about 4 times now, and they agreed to take the lessons, come to church, and basically find out how this can strengthen their family!!!

there is something really special about teaching a family. and Brother B__  is so cool. we connect really well, and i can just see him being an AWESOME member of the church. i cant wait for this week!!!!! its gonna be a good one!!!

life in Billerica is great. i wish dad got to meet everyone in the ward, especially the bishop,  his counsellors, and everyone else, because they are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!


Picture of Elder Fauver and Bradley at the church.


Elder Fauver and Elder Bradley

Elder Fauver and Elder Bradley

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1 Response to September 9th – Teddy’s Birthday

  1. dandebeikes says:

    Great to read about Elder Fauver and his exploits as a missionary. Love the photo also. He always looks happy. Uncle Dan

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