Sunday September 1st

So I was just informed that we HAVE Teddy’s actual address for the apartment in Billerica.

19 Kenmar Dr. #15

Billerica MA 01821

We’ve gotten lots of letters and emails from Teddy the past few weeks. I’m committing to updating this every Sunday… So here is Teddy’s missive from last week, slightly edited:

Hello, mother and father, how the heck are ya? sometimes, and actually quite often, when i think of you guys, (or anything really, cause my brain is so ADD) i sing the song in my head “hello muddah, hello faddah. here i am at camp grenada. camp is really, entertaining. and they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining” haha. oh, childhood. I don’t know who said that ignorance is bliss, but boy were they right. haha.

Anyways, i hope things are going well at home! P-Day is today this week because its transfers this week. Neither elder bradley or I will be transferred though. i have a feeling elder bradley will be transferred next transfer though. cause after that, he will have been her for 7 and a half months!!! thats so dang long!!!haha. anyways, thats my prediction in 6 weeks. we shall see if it is right!

So this week, we had Jonathan! our mini missionary. And he was so much fun. He was from Rhode Island, and was a dominican republican. He looked black though. Really, he must have been black. he was way dark, and for all intents and purposes, he was black haha. but i can say that because we are best friends. he was a great guy. so funny. He is going to the university of Rhode island, so i hope i get to serve in providence and then hopefully see him! i don’t totally know what to write, besides the fact that YOU WENT TO HAWAII WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah well I’m not that jealous, but thats pretty sweet. was it awesome? send me some pics! i dont like pics on the computers, so just send me real pics from now on, if thats not too hard. i would appreciate that a lot. i don’t think i have told you guys this yet, but these past 4 weeks we have been prepping Billerica for SISTER MISSIONARIES! its been a lot of work, and that, as well as service, took up a bunch of our time last week.

Highlights of tracting last week were tracting with jonathan and a young man from the ward. I LOVE TRACTING! i dont know why. i love meeting new people. its just great. tracting went super well one day, and then the next day i was getting shut down left and right. people would be coming out of their doors and shewing us away before i was even within 30 feet of their door. discouraging, but for some reason this kind of stuff always makes me laugh. who knows why, but i can always get a good laugh out of so many things!

Anyways, i hope ya’ll are doing well! i fasted the other day to find more people, and the family we are looking for, and it was a magnificent day. filled with meeting new people that could possibly become investigators, and awesome opportunities for service in the future that can provide people the chance to hear the gospel. The lord works in mysterious ways! not until after do we realize how amazing and good to us he really is! I know that he will provide for us everything we need. he is always there for us, and wants us to communicate with him frequently! i know he loves us! i know Christ saves us! I know this is his church! They all bring so much joy to my soul! And i love all of you. take care!

Elder Fauver

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2 Responses to Sunday September 1st

  1. dandebeikes says:

    Great to hear how Elder Fauver is doing in the Colonies. I can picture his smiling face telling me his stories he just wrote. Hope he continues to do well.
    Dan DeBeikes

  2. Nathan Lytle says:

    I’m sending a letter right now but please tell Elder Fauver (and Johnny) Happy Birthday for me!

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