We got him there, mostly no tears

Thanks for visiting Teddy’s Mission Blog.

Nathan Lytle suggested a blog would be a good way to keep everyone updated on Teddy’s status in the mission field; I’ll try to update it once a week or so.

To contact Teddy or send him a care package at the MTC:

Elder Teddy Fauver
2013 North 900 E. Unit 313
Provo UT 84602
Teddy leaves the MTC on July 16th.

After that, contact him via email or regular post:


Elder Theodore Fauver
Massachusetts Boston Mission
182 W Central Street
Ste 203
Natick, MA 01706

So here is the update:

We dropped Teddy off  at the MTC on Wednesday at 1:00. They gave us two and a half minutes to say goodbye, but we really only used about 90 seconds worth.   We had spent the last two weeks pretty much saying goodbye and we were all ready to just get it over with.   The only tears were from the missionary next to us who was basically a slobbering blue suit.

Here are a few pics from that morning (click the images to see larger image):

Hot dog before the MTC

Hot dog before the MTC

The last hug

Teddy hugs his mom one last time.

Teddy and sisters at the Provo Temple


And here are some from the open house and pool party the week before:







Teddy and Margo



And a last one with his big Bro…

Teddy and Johnny in Cancun

Teddy and Johnny in Cancun

Thanks you all for your love and support for Teddy.   I know Teddy will represent the church and the 4th ward well.

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1 Response to We got him there, mostly no tears

  1. Nathan Lytle says:

    Thank you Fauvers for doing this!

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