November 10th

This week was indeed a very fun one! We had a blast every day of the week!

First of all, i will start with a quick story. We went to visit this family that hasnt been to church in forever. Well, they were not home, so we decided to knock on the door directly across the way, because, well heck, we are missionaries and we knock on doors for a living. well, this lovely dominican (my favorite) woman answered the door, and let me tell you- she had a heart of gold. She was so nice and sweet, and she let us right in.
We sat down with what appeared to be her boyfriend and her daughter and her daughter’s boyfriend and we a marvelous time together! We shared with them the unique truths restored to the earth by joseph smith,- about our relationship with God, about the purpose of life, about the book of mormon, and eventually about authority and baptism. And when we finished our wonderful lesson, we invited them to come to church, learn more, and if they know this is true, be baptized into our church on November 30th! And here is why i bring up this story….
Why dont people think we are totally mad when we walk into their home for the very first time, and ask them to get baptized?! I mean, maybe they do think that we are totally bonkers, and thats why they kick us right out, but if they dont, then i dont understand why they dont understand the significance of our message! haha maybe that sounds a little bit odd, but i really dont understand why other people dont understand. there is so much to our message, but there has GOT to be something to this whole thing if i just threw out 2 years of my life and then, the very first chance i get, im asking you to get in the water and let me dunk you. call me crazy, but cmon! can anyone enlighten me?!
Well, We were going to go back  to their home on saturday and read the Book of Mormon with them, when i sustained a couple injuries moving a big ole wood splitter, so ive been taking it easy the past couple of days. fear not, i am doing very well! all better.
There were so many other great things that happened this week. We have had lots of splendid lessons, and raked way too many leaves for our own good. gotta love these new england leaves!
We also had one of our guatemalan investigators cancel our lesson- but he made us a deal. he asked us instead to come to a little ‘business’ party he was having that night at 8, and we could talk to everyone there. well, we went, got to know everyone there, and shared the first lesson again with a bunch of good hearted hispanics. I love these people, and by golly i wish i could speak spanish!
Im doing mighty well, and i second kristinas invitation to think about those who have loved us- she is so right! they have the most wonderful affect on us! Hopefully we can all love others to a greater degree this week and be that great influence in others lives.
hope you all have a great week!
Elder Fauver
see, im doing great! go boston!
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October 27th

Hey foooooooollllsssss

This week was a good one! We have a general authority coming to our mission in 3 days, and apparently he is going rip into us… we will see how that goes. Larry R. Lawrence. Ill make sure to inform you how that one plays out.
Elder Jerron Batts got transferred home this week, and its crazy how much i actually miss that guy. He is off to Idaho, and I must say, as he was departing, i felt so much gratitude for how much he taught me, and the amazing example he set. i Look up to him a lot and i love him. I cant believe how good of friends we became, and how many nights we stayed up late talking as we laid in bed. I am so grateful for the 3 months that i had to spend with him.
My new companion is Elder Tyler Smith. He is a riot. He is also an incredibly hard worker. We have had SO MUCH fun our first 5 days together. We have been working SOOOO hard, and have been totally exhausted because of it, so its actually really helpful that we have Preparation day right now, because we are BEAT!
We are working with a lot of semi active young guys, and trying to help them get prepared to go on missions, and go to the temple, and prepare for their lives, and its a joy to see them prepare for these mile stones in their lives. We are working with this guy named Geberson Dutra, who is ridiculously good at every instrument you can think of. We are trying to get him on a mini mission next weekend, and we are so pumped for that. We are also helping this guy named Jonathan Perez go on a mini mission this weekend, and also another guy named Danny Orrosco. I love helping other people achieve their goals and make the progress they want to make, and the Lord wants them to make!
We are still trying to find people to teach, and havent had the best of luck, but the Lord is slowly putting great things in our path. Like yesterday- we were just biking along, and this girl playing basketball in the park we are biking past,who hasnt been to church in years, hollers at us and so we peel around and get talking to her and her friend. We play some basketball for the heck of it with them, and then sit down and shared the message of the restoration with the 2 of them and their was a beautiful spirit felt there!
On another teaching note, we were teaching this guatemalean guy named Juan Marcos, with the spanish sisters, (we are in the process of passing him off to them) and Elder Smith, near the end of the lesson, lets Juan know that He doesnt need to read the whole Book of Mormon to know that what we are teaching is true, and its something he should dive into. He says “you only have to eat one bite of a cake to know that whole thing is good.” and it just clicked with juan. It was special to see the lights go on in his head, and it all made us laugh.
The week was good! we are teaching more, and there are so many people right on the cusp of being taught and meeting with us, and im excited for the next 6 weeks. i really like elder smith a lot, and i have the hang of things. we are SO BUSY. its wonderful.
Elder Fauver
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Hello Family and Friends,

This week was another truly great one! sorry, but this letter will be a tad shorter than the rest! Lets go right into story time!
The other Day we were at a mans house who hasn’t been to church in a long time. We were talking with him, and were about to read the Book of Mormon! Well, we called over his 17 year old sister to come and join us, and she amiably agreed. We offered to share a message about the Prophet Joseph Smith and many of the truths we share, and she promptly declined. Well, we said that’s fine and dandy, but please join us as we read with your brother.
We popped open the good ole book of Mormon to Alma Chapter 32, about how to plant and cultivate faith, and discover truth.
We broke everything down real simple, every 2 to 3 verses, and further into the discussion her eyes became more open and open with each passing word! At the end of the chapter, I felt prompted to ask her how she felt! She said she really couldn’t describe what it was- she said how weird, yet good, it felt. We testified that THAT was the spirit of God telling her that this is something good, and true!
She agreed that those must be feelings to follow. She said she really wants to learn more! In fact, she asked for another book of Mormon, to share with a friend of hers that she believes would really benefit from reading that chapter.
The next time we went over there, she told us how she wants to follow Jesus Christ on Be baptized! We are currently preparing her to be baptized onOctober 12th! That will be an awesome experience, and I look forward to all the progress that will be involved from here on out. I know that she is making the right decision and will be blessed so much for her faithfulness and desire to follow God!
I love how the spirit of God can touch our hearts, and help us be better people, guide us in wisdom’s paths, and give us the strength to do what is right. I love how it can soften our hearts, and teach us what is true!
i love the gospel, and i love the book of Mormon! I love my Saviour Jesus Christ and pray that we can all follow him better this week! Keep Clarissa, who is being baptized on Oct. 12th, in your prayers!
Elder Fauver
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Week of August 25

This week was the best week I have had in Nashua. It certainly was a blast.

Highlights of the week- We have begun teaching a certain “Marcos Juan” or “Juan Marcos”- i cant tell because the first time we met him, he said his name was marcos. We came back and he said his name was Juan. then He gave us his business card and it just says JuanMarcos. haha I dont know.

We Did exchanges with the guys from Lowell on tuesday, and I got to be with a greenie- Elder Pereira. It was such an awesome experience. He is an amazing person. he is half portugues and half indian. He joined the church when he was 14, with his whole family, just in Pasadena! 4 years later and a semester into UC Berkely, he left on his mission! He is actually just awaiting his citizenship to enter India on his mission, so we will have him for 3 months! Aint that cool?! I didnt even know we had missionaries in India! So cool! We worked super hard that day, and Heavenly Father gave us some awesome blessings. We found a whole less active family who lives right down the hall from us, and we found 2 more spanish investigators and had the blessing to teach them about the restoration!

Saturday, we walked out of the house, and in the first 20 minutes, we had gotten phone numbers from 5 people, witnessed a robbery (a guy totally got his laptop swiped, to which we started chasing after the culprit in a rather abortive manner- cmon, we are in dress shoes and slacks- either way, it was fun chasing after a robber) and had a whole family totally pumped to come to church (because they wouldnt have to deal with their kids for hours 2 and 3 of church- haha).

ANYWAYS! Got my haircut by a dominican this morning and i think it looks great! On my way to a beautiful spanish vocabulary- with an emphasis on how to say “im broke” and a multitude of ways to say “whats up”.

Things are picking up in Nashua, and I THINK i have got my bearings on life here. our days are packed this week, and I am excited for all our incipient opportunities . Lately, I have been so focused on finding people to teach, that i have lost a little bit of the ministering role we are supposed to play. Rather than focusing so fastidiously upon teaching, I decided to just HELP the people the Lord has put in my path, and serve them in any way I can. As i take this new approach, I am filled with so much more love for everyone around me, and I find that those i interact with respond differently and with more open hearts. I have learned so much on my mission!

The book of Mormon is the best book in the whole world!

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

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Latest letter from Teddy

The news is true! As true as the blue book is true! I am being transferred! only my 3rd area in more than a year on the mission, but no one is complaining here! My final week here has been far more than i could have ever asked the Lord for! I will get right to the good stuff! It will need some back story!

We met Alicia and Brian stewart, and their 4 kids more than a month ago. We just street contacted into them. They were gardening in their front yard, and they felt bad for us biking in the sweltering new england heat. They sent us on our with with an apple, a pair, and waters, but we got from them what REALLY mattered- their phone number! (haha).
after calling and setting up appts and swinging by, a little over 2 weeks ago, they invite us over for dinner (it was a delectable dinner, btw). We spent the night getting to know them- She is the Lay Leader at the Methodist church in providence, and thus extremely active. He is also yoked in the church and very religious. This caused us to move forward with slight trepidation. We didnt want to say a wrong word and leave this house with more than a little compunction for what could turn out to be one of the greatest blessings ever! We taught a simple lesson one- The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They understood it very well, but were not totally sold on the idea. We left them moroni 10 and the intro to the BofM. They did it, decided to do their own research online (to which they found many outlandish things) and then, unbeknownst to us, called up their cousin Lenny who lives in Salt Lake City, is a Doctor, and who also joined the church in Rhode Island when he was 17.
That was last wednesday. The very next day we had district meeting. We recruited these 2 freshly returned missionaries living in a bordering town to come and give us a training on our purpose, because the sisters told us that they were super awesome. They both served in Salt lake city, and have been married for a year. They came to our district, and threw down the most contentious, bold, and correct training ever. They told us loud and proud that our purpose was to baptize. It isnt to make cookies and help others feel loved(sorry sisters), it isnt to provide service or to teach the gospel to those who will listen. our purpose is to work with those that are willing to join the church of christ, and get them baptized! Ive still got my own reservations about this philosophy, but as far as i am concerned, the gist of it was that we need to be inviting more people to be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority.
The next wednesday rolls around, and as elder walk and i are planning our lesson for alicia and brian, we decide that this couple from scituate is right. We need to make sure we are working with those that will be baptized, and invite everyone to baptism. We were scared inviting, what seems to us as a methodist bishop of sorts, to be baptized, but we decided to do it anyways.
We come to their home, and they feed us a great dinner! We have great discussion, and tell us all about the phone call they had with their cousin lenny. i wish i could tell you every detail about it, but in short, they REALLY felt the spirit as they spoke with him. When they called him up, he was preparing his lesson for sunday! This man is fully active and serving in the church, reaping the benefits of activity in the church. He bore his testimony to them that they must find out the truth of our message, from god, for themselves. They told us how they could tell he was smiling over the phone, and as Alicia is telling us all about how happy he sounded on the phone, and how logical the church sounds, Brian interrupts her and says to us ” i love how Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus, because if that happened in Old and New Testament times, why not now?” there were a multitude of instances like this, and its positive to say that chills were going down my spine the whole lesson. The spirit was so strong as THEY testified to US of the restoration. We taught about prayer, and I invited them to both follow the example of Jesus Christ and prepare themselves to be baptized by someone holding the restored priesthood on september 14th. They looked at each other for about 5 seconds, then brian looked at me and said ” Im ready.” Alicia concurred and then we wrapped up the lesson with an inoculation against those that hate us and will traduce us, and after it we prayed and left the house.
They came to church yesterday, and LOVED it. Alicia told me that it was exactly what they have been searching for. She said the methodist church was just not fulfilling her spiritually, and this was what she and her family needed. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO DIE OF HAPPINESS!!
This is the BIGGEST testimony to me that God truly has a plan for us. For so many reasons. 1st, because their cousin lenny is the most crucial player here. without him joining the church 34 years ago, this wouldnt have happened. I have served in Warwick the past 7 months, and have, id say at least many times a week, prayed that we will find a family to teach and baptize. we have taught 4 or 5 families since i have been here, and The stewart family is truly my answer to prayer. this gives me the STRONGEST witness that God is my father, and hears my prayers. all i can do is stand here with my jaw dropped. i am so blessed. but also SO BUMMED THAT I AM LEAVING WARWICK AND WILL NOT GET TO TEACH THIS FAMILY THE WHOLE WAY THROUGH! elder walk is training a new missionary, and it makes me very happy that this greenie will have such propitious circumstances to enter into!

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October 21st

This week, as always, was a good week. not just a good week, a great week! every week is great. there is so much work to be done, and when there is work to be done, I am happy! Elder Rogers and I are having a blast, and no matter what hits us, we keep running!

Highlights from this week. Maraline Phipps-Kettlewells baptism went great! she is seriously such a character. i love her so much. i dont really know how to describe her- she is so funny, SO smart, and so loving. Her Baptismal service was incredible as well! Adam Russel, a professional opera singer sang at her baptism, and her concert pianist husband played 3 pieces by J.S. Bach that described the journey of her life. It sure feels like I am in New England- surrounded by the intellectual geniuses I was promised!

Church with Jakai and Jaiden was wondeful- as well as the Hoffmans. We walked to J+J’s (for short) and walked them to church sunday morning, because they live real close. We set a baptismal date for them a few weeks ago, i dont know if i mentioned that previosuly. they are scheduled for the 9th of November! its gonna be sweet. anyways, at church, they were being soooo funny. ill share two quick stories about them just in sacrament meeting.

Jakai, the older one who is 10, keeps begging me to take him out and get him water, but i told him that he has to sit through all of sacrament. So when the water is coming around, he takes one, looks at the water, looks at me, and like a dying child, whispers “this is the ONLY water i have.” then ,holding the water like its the last on earth, dips the tip of his tongue into it. hahaha. this made me bust up laughing- which i probably shouldnt have done. but i couldnt help. then after dipping his tongue in it a few times, is about to drink it. But, Jaiden, being the good little brother he is, leans over, and smacks the water out of his hands before he could drink it. what a crack up.

Later in sacrament meeting, Jakai and i are playing gospel hangman. Jakai plays the word “finding nemo”.and i tell him that that is not a gospel word, to which he responds “yea it is! how do you know nemo didnt get baptized?” i replied- He is a FISH! he doesnt need to get baptized!- jakai proceeds to tell me that i am not a fish and dont know that. this was one funny sacrament meeting.

That church was more than just funny. the H** family came, and S**, the Father, one of our new investigators, really enjoyed church, and is going to have us over this week for dinner and to talk about the bible and the book of mormon. His wife, C**, LOVES the church and wants to join, but sean is very hesistant. at church, he opened up a ton and things are going very good with them now! so i am excited for that!

More than just this is going on! there are so many people that are searching for light and truth in new england! things are going really swell with more than just these people. Being a missionary is so wonderful. I could not imagine doing anything else more fulfilling with my life. it is SO GREAT!!!!

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October 7th

Ill start off with the big news! its transfer week and elder Bradley is being sent off to Norwich Connecticut! He spent 12 weeks training me, and although it started off rough, I really must say- these last 3 or 4 weeks with him have been awesome. I dont know what happened, but when you just try to love, serve, and work together with someone, and pray for the Lord’s help, it really comes together. I dont know what changed, and i dont even know if i really let you all know, but These past few weeks, Elder Bradley and I have been BEST friends! He is seriously an amazing missionary. I love the guy with all my heart. I really am bummed to see him go. My new companion is Elder Rogers- and i know absolutely nothing about him, except that he is coming from Norwich! So They are swapping spots. kinda cool.

Thats the latest news so far. Other big news is that Ann Marie Flannegan Delano was Baptized at 3pm inbetween sessions of conference! that was SUH-WEET! (haha) It was a great day! not to mention, Elder Bradley forgot to fill up the font when we were supposed to! so at 2:05, Our ward mission leader double checked that we had filled it up, and we immediately bolted down the hall to go begin it, precisely and hour and a half late! We got another hose going from a 2nd source, and due to much praying, a miracle, and brother lazenby giving a 15 minute talk on baptism (ha!) the font filled up in time. One of the joys of being a missionary! I seriously love stressful situations like that. They are so funny. thinking about it now, i cant help but get a huge grin on my face. Close calls like that are just… i dont know how to describe it. I know ill look back on that in many years and get a good laugh! a little stress is always good.

C*** T*** was scheduled to be baptized tonight, but there have been a few hiccups, and it was cancelled. I cant say all that happened, but mainly its because she doesnt think she should have to answer the baptismal questions. I have faith that will be solved soon, and thinks will all go well there. I hope and pray that its resolved soon though!

Other things that happened this week… the ward is doing splendid, and we actually got to teach a few more people this week, in some members homes, that were all really great experiences. The Lord is really bringing people into our path. We have met so many people recently that are letting us into their lives. And as they are, they are finding much joy and happiness. And just knowing them is bringing me so much joy and happiness as well!

ill share one example. The B***. We just met the B*** family last night. they are beautiful family with 2 children. they are from Uganda, but have been living in the states for many years. People from Uganda are very nice people though- they are soft spoken, very kind and welcoming, loving, and receptive to the spirit. She is a member, but not active. We visited them last night, and they want to be in the upcoming primary program! Meeting them warmed my heart, and filled me with love! they are such an awesome family, and wish to be closer to our Father in Heaven, and Im so happy that i get to let them know that doing these things, and living this way will truly bring them closer to our Father in Heaven. Im so excited to help them on their spiritual journey, no matter how small or large my impact can or will be!

This is just one of the awesome things i get to do every day! I am so blessed and so happy to be doing the work of God. This is his work! I know that our savior lives and loves us, and that he is reaching out to help us. This is the way.

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September 9th – Teddy’s Birthday

Teddy’s update, minor edits and names removed.

So i guess you heard that dad came and saw me!! haha. that was an experience!! pretty cool and funny. it was really nice to see him. probably most the surreal experience of my life. even more so than skydiving! but it was a good experience. and getting presents and cookies and bread is AWESOME!!! those are literally the best cookies i have ever had. holy smokes. the best. the milk chocolatey goodness in every bite is unbeatable.

This past week has been good, but still a little slower teaching. But we have had a few really really awesome finding opportunities that are leading to some really golden potential investigators. First is T___L__, J__ and J___’s aunt who is 23. she is coming to church this sunday, and she read a blog post that i made for the digital mission, and I’m following up with her on that one this week. i will tell you guys about the digital mission later.

The second is K__, the neighbor of  D__, that we give service to for about an hour a week.   We met k__ last week, and had a really nice conversation with her about who we are and her family.  K__ is awesome, and i plan to give her my blog, have her edit it, and then invite her to take the lessons. i really think that things will go well with her this week.

The third finding opportunity was the B___ family. a part member family, where the member(wife) has been totally inactive since she was 12,  and the husband is not a member. they are about 34 years old, have 2 kids, and he thinks that going to church will help their marriage and family. they are super prepared to hear the gospel!!! i am so excited for them. we have met with them about 4 times now, and they agreed to take the lessons, come to church, and basically find out how this can strengthen their family!!!

there is something really special about teaching a family. and Brother B__  is so cool. we connect really well, and i can just see him being an AWESOME member of the church. i cant wait for this week!!!!! its gonna be a good one!!!

life in Billerica is great. i wish dad got to meet everyone in the ward, especially the bishop,  his counsellors, and everyone else, because they are really awesome!!!!!!!!!!


Picture of Elder Fauver and Bradley at the church.


Elder Fauver and Elder Bradley

Elder Fauver and Elder Bradley

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Sunday September 1st

So I was just informed that we HAVE Teddy’s actual address for the apartment in Billerica.

19 Kenmar Dr. #15

Billerica MA 01821

We’ve gotten lots of letters and emails from Teddy the past few weeks. I’m committing to updating this every Sunday… So here is Teddy’s missive from last week, slightly edited:

Hello, mother and father, how the heck are ya? sometimes, and actually quite often, when i think of you guys, (or anything really, cause my brain is so ADD) i sing the song in my head “hello muddah, hello faddah. here i am at camp grenada. camp is really, entertaining. and they say we’ll have some fun if it stops raining” haha. oh, childhood. I don’t know who said that ignorance is bliss, but boy were they right. haha.

Anyways, i hope things are going well at home! P-Day is today this week because its transfers this week. Neither elder bradley or I will be transferred though. i have a feeling elder bradley will be transferred next transfer though. cause after that, he will have been her for 7 and a half months!!! thats so dang long!!!haha. anyways, thats my prediction in 6 weeks. we shall see if it is right!

So this week, we had Jonathan! our mini missionary. And he was so much fun. He was from Rhode Island, and was a dominican republican. He looked black though. Really, he must have been black. he was way dark, and for all intents and purposes, he was black haha. but i can say that because we are best friends. he was a great guy. so funny. He is going to the university of Rhode island, so i hope i get to serve in providence and then hopefully see him! i don’t totally know what to write, besides the fact that YOU WENT TO HAWAII WITHOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! SO JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahah well I’m not that jealous, but thats pretty sweet. was it awesome? send me some pics! i dont like pics on the computers, so just send me real pics from now on, if thats not too hard. i would appreciate that a lot. i don’t think i have told you guys this yet, but these past 4 weeks we have been prepping Billerica for SISTER MISSIONARIES! its been a lot of work, and that, as well as service, took up a bunch of our time last week.

Highlights of tracting last week were tracting with jonathan and a young man from the ward. I LOVE TRACTING! i dont know why. i love meeting new people. its just great. tracting went super well one day, and then the next day i was getting shut down left and right. people would be coming out of their doors and shewing us away before i was even within 30 feet of their door. discouraging, but for some reason this kind of stuff always makes me laugh. who knows why, but i can always get a good laugh out of so many things!

Anyways, i hope ya’ll are doing well! i fasted the other day to find more people, and the family we are looking for, and it was a magnificent day. filled with meeting new people that could possibly become investigators, and awesome opportunities for service in the future that can provide people the chance to hear the gospel. The lord works in mysterious ways! not until after do we realize how amazing and good to us he really is! I know that he will provide for us everything we need. he is always there for us, and wants us to communicate with him frequently! i know he loves us! i know Christ saves us! I know this is his church! They all bring so much joy to my soul! And i love all of you. take care!

Elder Fauver

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August 4th

Teddy has been out for a month now, and I am now just getting round to updating this blog.

He is currently serving in Billerica MA.

Teddy's Frist City

By way of update, here is Teddy’s email dated July 29, 2013

So it’s Monday again; another week has passed! It is so true what they say about the weeks going quickly but the days going slowly. This week flew by. But each day… well each day was certainly not very fast.  But we are pretty busy, and the work is good, so I am very happy.  I try to approach as many people a day as I can, just to talk to them about the gospel, and get them interested in what we have to say;   my comp  just really isn’t that interested in talking to everyone we come across. I don’t know if that is because he knows its not THAT effective, or if he is just really set on doing member missionary work only, but I really want to talk to every single person walking by us…

But this week has been really good. A lot of great experiences, and a lot of gross ones also. I would like to start with one gross one, thats fresh in my mind.

Yesterday we visited Brother ___ . He is a 93 year old, pretty much inactive man. He had recently had a bunch of surgeries, and has been dying the past 10 or so years.  He was a good spirited man though.  Pretended to be grouchy but was laughing a good amount, so we could tell he was too bad off.  He has recently had a bladder infection though. He had a catheter hooked up to his bladder, and his pee bag sitting right there in front of us. He was in a wheel chair so he really couldn’t move or anything, and he probably hadn’t showered in a while. Since he is in a wheel chair, he hasn’t cleaned his house in who knows how long…. It reeked so bad of urine in the house I thought i was going to die,  as I continued to breathe in the toxic air.  We spent 25 minutes in his house, and shared a scripture and prayer with him, and though it was a pleasant meeting, I was happy to be out of there.

Those are the types of people I wish would accept our help. we offered to come back, to do some things for him, to just help him out in anyway. But he didn’t want any of it. he really didn’t want us to bother with him. Maybe he is happy, but his life could still be improved so much, or just eased, if he would just let us. I think that is what the savior probably thinks about us all the time – “Why don’t you just let me help you?”

As I look back on times like those, I cant help but to smile and laugh to myself. So gross, but at the same time a new experience, and a new person I got to meet, that was a wonderful child of God, in his own unique way.

Brother ___, a young married man in the ward, told me, as we walked to an investigators house during third hour of church yesterday, that he loved his mission because everyday was something brand new, and something you hadn’t done before. No day is normal.  And so far, he is so right!  As a missionary, every day is new, and exciting. It really is very fun and cool!!!  I am always meeting strange new people, and either getting yelled at, or meeting the sweetest people on earth. Like saturday.  We went tracting (which was very hard to get my companion to agree to). We knocked a ton of doors, talked with an atheist who told us very explicitly that there was absolutely nothing more to life than  this, and then the last house we knocked was the sweetest lady and he husband who used to meet with the missionaries. She said the last time they came by was probably 10 years ago though!

So she immediately brought us cold waters, and we sat outside talking about what we believe and what catholics believe(she is a catholic) and had a wonderful discussion. She said she used to love to meet with the missionaries, and she thinks we are sweethearts.  She loves mormons, and we just had a lovely conversation for probably a half hour. we committed her to read the introduction to the book of mormon, and  the 1st chapter of 1st Nephi, to which she lovingly responded “I will read it, but you have to come back and get this book because I would rather give up my children than my religion”. a bummer but it was still really  fun to meet this great people, and share our testimonies with them. I think that is why i really love tracting. I would work all day just to meet one family like that a day. It was a truly rewarding experience.

These are a few of the things i have done in this past week. I wish i could write it all though!!!! But ill tell you about the general stuff. No baptisms yet, but we do have a few golden investigators like a woman named Anne Marie, and a guy named Neil. I think i wrote you  guys about Neil… maybe i didn’t. But we had a lesson with him wednesday, and we are really trying to commit him to baptism. though it will take some time, he will get baptized. It was a really spiritual lesson, and he is definitely taking things a lot more seriously. He has been investigating the church for a few months now, but i think we are really beginning to make some serious progress. If he begins coming to church, and really praying, he should be golden!!!! and we have him doing all of these things!!! we just have to follow up on all of them.

I am dying to find my own investigator though- someone i begin with from the very start. but its a lot harder than you think!! its not that easy to find someone to teach the first lesson to and then set up a return appointment!!! I am working on it a lot, because i know that there are people in new england that NEED to hear the gospel, but just havent seen it yet!!! I know it can bless their lives in so many ways!!! I just have to work harder, and continue to talk to everyone that we meet.

well, any other questions? Life is great and i hope everyone is doing well!!!!

Elder Fauver

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